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Fitness Fashion Trends — Comfort

Fitness Fashion Trends — Comfort

Co-written by: Blake Bradley and Ashlee Battaglia

Comfort / Focus on Goals

    As we get ready for the gym we try to find something comfortable as well as something you feel confident in.  We want to be focused on our goals and training, not adjusting our clothes every few minutes.   There are so many fitness apparel companies out there but a very few stand out when it comes to meet our needs. Clothes that increase comfort increase focus and goal achievement.  

Female Athlete Lifting Weights in Comfort Clothes

                                                             Comfort Increases Focus and Goal Achievement

See-Through Pants — Kill Comfort and Focus

    There is nothing worse than when you get a new pair of cute pants and you find out they are see through. No one wants that.  There are a few companies that have stole my heart as I found pants that don’t show your glutes while on leg day, or any other day for that matter.  These pants are mostly made out of polyester, elastane, and spandex.  Some of my favorite companies that come to mind are Celestial Bodiez (known for the scrunch booty), Better Bodies (that make your legs and glutes look absolutely perfect), Labellamafia (super fashionable and comfortable with so many options to fit every look), Lululemon (my personal favorite) and Nike.  With that being said, most Nike pants you can see through.  I found the trick with buying Nike pants, most of which are hard to find in the warmer months as they are mostly sold in the winter time, BUT you can always find them on line. They have pants that are called Nike Legendary Power .. They come in many colors and styles. They are a thicker material and can’t see through them whatsoever, no matter how many years you have had them.


Exercise Pants that provide Comfort

                                           Better Bodies Athlete Tights Black / Grey

    With all of these brands in mind, these pants are an investment. They are on the higher cost point, but when you are able to wear them over and over it’s totally worth it. The material doesn’t break down, fade, or get worn as times passes. Think about it, how many pants have you bought and a few weeks later need to buy another pair because of the material itself.

Exercise Pants Front View -- Comfort

                                                          Nike Women’s Exercise Pants

Sports Bras

    Sports bras are a bit tricky. They have sports bras in literally any store you walk into. The style you pick would be depending on how big your bust is. The most recent trend with sports bras that everyone is loving, including me, are very strappy throughout the back and even the sides. This type of sports bra wouldn’t give you too much support as the straps are quite thin. If you are looking for support and comfort for more of a bigger bust you would want to find something with a thicker strap.  The thicker the strap the more support, the thinner the strap the less support.

Women's Sports Bra provide comfort

                                                             Herringbone High Neck Sports Bra


Strappy Back Bralette Provide Comfort

                                  Strappy Back Bralette


Nike Pro Victory Shape Bra - Women's Provide Comfort

                   Nike Pro Victory Shape Bra – Women’s

Tops-Tanks-Thermals = Comfort

   Lets be real, there are endless amounts of shirts, crop tops, thermals, hoodies, T’s, tanks, etc.. Personally, the DriFit are my favorite.  This material helps you breathe while also making you sweat, but it must be super comfortable. What more could you want!? If you’re not sweaty by the first 20-30 min of your workout I suggest you start wearing a hoodie lol. Right now bright colors are everywhere!

Nike – Racerback Tank Provide Comfort

                                                    Nike – Racerback Tank


Nike Dry Fit Long Sleeve Shirt Provide Comfort

                      Nike Dry Fit Long Sleeve Shirt

Main Idea is Comfort

    Opinions may vary when it comes to fashion, but a high percentage of women seem to now enjoy incorporating their fitness apparel outside of the gym as well.  A Shape magazine article stated that women enjoy wearing their sporty look for everyday outfits.  Adding a pair of cool high tops or a trendy jacket is popular to dress up the look.  When interviewed, the one item women could not live without was “leggings”.   Mixing up all colors and patterns can change up the look daily.  Mixing in something as simple as a fashionable “hoodie” can transform your appearance from workout to work.  One way to view it is, if you look and feel better, you will exercise or start exercising. 

Black tights/leggings seem to be the crowd favorite among women in fitness.  Black adds a slimming feature as well as it is easy to coordinate colored tops.  Feeling good about your look increases comfort.

The main idea is to feel comfortable in what apparel suits you best, and research your purchase ahead of time because there are so many options and styles to choose from.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and we wish you all the best in your fitness goals! 

A big special thank you goes out to my co-blogger Ashlee Battaglia.  This project would not have been possible without her expertise in the fitness fashion field.  We appreciate you Ashlee! 

Give her a follow at @ashbatag on Instagram and for her Fashion Blogs. 

God Bless and stay strong in Christ! 

                                                               Blake and The Shields of Strength Team


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