Cross Jewelry


Men's Cross Necklaces, Women's Cross Necklaces, Bracelets and Earring

Christian cross necklaces, cross bracelets and cross earrings are meaningful reminders of God's love, hope, forgiveness, and strength for all who believe. Cross jewelry is the perfect gift to encourage and strengthen friends, family, and others.  Each Shields of Strength cross is engraved with a Bible verse and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.  If you are not 100% satisfied with any Shields of Strength product, we will exchange it or provide a refund. We use the highest quality stainless steel, zinc, and gold plating for our products.  We love sharing God's Word engraved on jewelry.  Every item we sell contain's scripture, that is the true value of our products.  

What Does The Cross Mean?

"When Jesus died on the cross, his work of redemption was complete. Jesus, used a business term that means “paid in full.” It is finished. It is paid in full.  Jesus completed the work required to bring us back into communion with God. No other work is required. We cannot do anything to further the work of Jesus, and, even if we somehow could, there is no need to do so. Jesus has your back!" Gabe Vaughan, @shieldsofstrength. Choose from over 50 different pendants and charms featuring unique cross designs, including traditional religious cross necklaces, cross dog tags, cross cut-out in a rose gold heart pendant, and more. Wearing a cross is a personal statement of one's faith and a fashionable accessory for any outfit.

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