Marine Brother Antique Finish Dog Tag Necklace-2 Chronicles 32:8


Marine brothers can take comfort in knowing that God is always with us in every battle. Keep a handsome reminder close at hand with Shields of Strength's handsome dog tags, which combine Christian jewelry and national pride, delivered as eye-catching men's necklaces. The faces of the dog tags feature a waving American flag, military symbols and the words "Marine Brother" at the bottom. On the reverse, find the Marines symbol in the background along with the comforting words of 2 Chronicles 32:8, "With him is only the arm of the flesh, but with us is the Lord our God to help us fight our battles." The Shields of Strength logo is engraved at the bottom. The zinc dog tags measure 1.95 inches long and 1.08 inches wide. These men's necklaces include 24-inch stainless steel ball chains.