Men Jewelry


Cross Necklaces, Occupational Themed Jewelry and Uniquely Designed Items - All With Scripture

From gold necklaces with a classic cross motif to stainless steel rings with a sports theme, Shields of Strength offers a huge selection of inspirational jewelry for men to suit any taste. Each finely crafted piece of Christian jewelry features an excerpt from the Bible, and these motivational words of Scripture provide comfort and encouragement for all walks of life, serving as a constant reminder of God's spiritual presence. Men's religious jewelry is a thoughtful gift for Father's Day, anniversaries or a birthday, but there is no reason to wait for a special occasion to bring God's Word into the life of someone who needs extra strength. This athletic jewelry is an ideal gift for someone preparing for a big sports competition. An anchor is perfect for nautical enthusiasts who need a reminder that God is our anchor in stormy times, while a cross necklace is a simple symbol of earnest faith suitable for any believer.  From our experience, many men have avoided wearing jewelry as they view it as less than manly.  However, they change their minds when they see and feel Shields of Strength products.  Weightlifting jewelry such as pendants in the shape of weight plates and dumbbells, as well as hammers, dog tags, masculine crosses, footballs, baseballs, and occupational themed pieces engraved with God's Word are appealing to men who never before wore jewelry.  Thousands of men have shared with us that their Shields of Strength necklace is the only jewelry they have ever worn.  

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