Men's Stainless Steel Aqua Blue Weight Plate Necklace-Phil 4:13

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Find strength to persevere and give your burdens over to the One who can lift them all from your shoulders with these fun Shields of Strength aqua weight plate necklaces. These striking aqua and stainless steel necklaces provide a conversation piece to get people talking about fitness and faith, making them a stellar example of Christian jewelry and a whimsical alternative to cross necklaces. The face of the weightlifting necklace reads "Shields of Strength" and "Phil 4:13." On the reverse, you'll find a shiny cross embossed below the Phil. 4:13 verse, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." The round weight plate pendant measures 1.23 inches long and wide, and it shines up easily with a polishing cloth. Shields of Strength includes a 24-inch stainless steel chain with each of these attractive necklaces for men or women who love both fitness and the Lord. ®4,611,243 ©VA 1-938-108 ®2013, ©2013

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