Stainless Steel Mini Weight Plate Dangle Earrings-Romans 8:37

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Lift for the Lord with a pair of stainless steel mini plate dangle earrings featuring a passage from Romans 8:37. These earrings feature a silver stainless steel finish and have dimensions of 0.73 by 0.73 inch. They weigh 16 pounds, making them a perfectly lightweight piece of Christian jewelry to wear at the gym. The Bible verse states "In all things I am more than a conqueror through Christ who loves me," which gives strength during intense workouts. Because of their beautiful design, the earrings are also great for those who want something fashionable to wear to work or out. This weightlifting jewelry is perfect for people who casually hit the gym to keep their bodies in shape, while CrossFit enthusiasts, powerlifters, and bodybuilders are sure to wear the pair with absolute pride.  ®2013, ©2013

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