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Stainless Steel Tapered Cross Pair of Earrings-John 19:30

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Christ's sixth exclamation upon the cross, "It is finished," is the culmination of his work in death, and an assurance to us all that there is a purpose in all things. These words, recorded in John 19:30, feature upon this Shields of Strength stainless steel tapered cross pair of earrings, lending the wearer strength and bringing hope in the darkest times. Measuring 1.65 inches by 1.16 inches, and easily cleaned with a polishing cloth, the dangling earrings are the perfect gift for a woman of faith for Mother's Day, Christmas, a birthday, or an anniversary. Reflecting upon Christ's ultimate sacrifice, and remembering that even the most challenging circumstances serve a greater purpose, is also helpful for anyone facing hardships, making this Christian jewelry a thoughtful way to remind loved ones that they are in your thoughts.

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