Women Fitness Jewelry Items


Weight Plate, Dumbbell, Kettlebell, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings - Inscribed with Scripture

Sometimes athletic women need encouragement, no matter how strong, agile and determined they are. It could be on the eve of a competition, or it could be when they are facing hardships in their personal lives. On those occasions, the gift of motivational fitness jewelry for women, engraved with motivational Scriptures, is a thoughtful way of shining the light of God's love and providing comfort. Each piece of Shields of Strength athletic jewelry is attractive, functional and easy to clean, yet serves the deeper purpose of bringing the wearer closer to God with a constant reminder of His Word. The right words lend the wearer the strength to persevere and make it possible to spread the power of Christ. Functional fitness jewelry for women is also the perfect way to reward someone for excelling in a sporting field or simply as a way of letting a fitness fan know that she is always in your thoughts.

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