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Women's Rose Gold Mini Dumbbell Cross Necklace-John 19:30

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The cross is a reminder that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice and died for everyone's sins. This women's rose gold, mini dumbbell cross necklace is a beautiful piece to wear as a daily remembrance of the wonderful gift He gave. The front of the women's rose gold, mini dumbbell cross necklace is smooth and flawless, with the weights on each side of the cross. On the back is an inscription of Jesus' words, "It is finished," from John 19:30. The cross pendant measures 1 inch by .70 inches and comes with an 18 or 20-inch rose gold curb chain. The shine is easy to maintain with a stainless steel polishing cloth. This simple yet stunning necklace makes a special gift for any woman who loves Jesus and is thankful to Him for finishing His work to save us all.

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