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Women's Swarovski Combo Necklace-Isaiah 46:4 Cross/Luke 1:37 Mini Dumbbell

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Let God lift your spirits, and renew your strength, as you wear the Shields of Strength women's stainless steel Swarovski® crystals cross necklace, featuring the words of Isaiah 46:4. This attractive piece of Christian jewelry comprises a 1.29-inch by 0.89-inch cross pendant.  The reverse of the pendant has the embossed words, "I will carry you," serving as a reminder that God is always with you, ready to lend His strength when your own is lacking. The stainless steel mini dumbbell necklace with Swarovski® crystals, provides the perfect motivation. This piece features a 1.16-inch by 0.41-inch mini dumbbell pendant. It bears the embossed words of Luke 1:37, "For nothing is impossible with God," and the Swarovski crystals lend a touch of sparkle that makes the necklace as suitable for a night out as it is for an evening at the gym. Available in a myriad of colors, effects, shapes, and sizes, crystals from Swarovski offer designers a fabulous palette of inspiration, and are produced according to the innovative, lead-free* Advanced Crystal standard. The pendant features a sparkling arrangement of Swarovski crystals. Swarovski is the premium brand for the finest crystal embellishments since 1895. It is recognized for its innovative excellence and its collaborations with top-class designers and brands in the fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior design, and lighting industries across the globe. Available on a stainless steel chain measuring 16, 18, 20, 22, or 24 inches. 


This necklace is easy to maintain with a polishing cloth, and is an ideal gift for athletes and strong women. "PAT"NO.D710,241