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Air Force Veteran Antique Finish Dog Tag Necklace-Isaiah 40:31

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A U.S. Air Force Veteran is brave and capable of moving mountains with God at his or her side. This is represented beautifully on the Air Force Veteran antique finish dog tag necklace with a quote from Isaiah 40:31. This quote is engraved on the dog tag, and it states, "Mount up with wings like eagles, run and not get tired, walk and not become weary." The reverse side of the tag has an engraving of the words "Air Force Veteran" with the department's branch symbol. The dog tag component of this stainless steel necklace measures 1.95 inches by 1.08 inches and it comes on a 24-inch stainless steel ball chain. Give it as a gift to any Air Force veteran who could use a little strength and God's unconditional love.

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