Christian Accessories


Whether used to enhance your personal style or add an element of convenience to your life, accessories go hand in hand with modern fashionable and functional style. Choosing Christian accessories from Shields of Strength is a great way to combine that fashion and function with faith, reminding yourself and those around you of the importance of God's Word. With religious accessories from athletic tape and headbands to weight belts and keychains, your love of God can follow you throughout your daily routine, even in the grind of the gym or during athletic competition. The perfect complement to Shields of Strength jewelry, these practical religious accessories all feature passages from Scripture that can either enhance or complement others that you wear on cross, weight plate or dog tag jewelry. Consider adding these Christian accessories to your daily routine as a simple and powerful way to remind yourself of the strength and love of God while also keeping fashion and function in mind.  Challenge coins, clip-on pendants, keychains, and weightlifting accessories engraved with scripture are practical tools to mediate on God's Word.  Each item is made from high quality materials to ensure durability, ease of cleaning, and beauty. Take God’s Word with you wherever you go.

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