About Shields of Strength

Shields of Strength’s mission started when our founder, Kenny Vaughan, overcame a life long battle with fear after learning to act on Gods word. As a constant reminder of the truth he engraved scripture on dog tags and jewelry to wear around his neck. Soon he found himself giving them away and noticing the people he shared them with never took them off.

What started as dog tags and a few pieces of jewelry has grown to hundreds of jewelry pieces, necklaces, Christian crosses, and apparel. Each item is intended to be for others what the first necklaces were to Kenny. Shields of Strength products are a constant reminder of the truth of God’s Word and the power of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Shields of Strength are not good luck charms. They are reminders of the truth of God’s Word and Scripture that changes lives, drives out fear, and leads a powerful loving life. Because of the importance of the mission, we make every piece of Bible verse jewelry as beautifully as we can with only the best quality stainless steel and finishes available.

Scripture jewelry makes a special gift for yourself or for those you love. Because of God's Word each piece is a gift that can change lives. All of our Bible verse necklaces, dog tags, and other pieces of Christian jewelry are specially designed to serve as both elegant keepsakes and powerful reminders of your faith. For those with a more active lifestyle, we offer stainless steel jewelry suitable for the gym or racetrack; we also have sophisticated crosses and other jewelry that makes an elegant finishing touch for any special occasion.

If you seek to keep the Word of God with you while strengthening your body, we have Shields of Strength that make excellent pieces of bodybuilding and weightlifting jewelry. Our sports necklaces and other accessories are designed to stand up to the rigors of exercise and allow you to add an athletic and spiritual touch to any outfit.

Here at Shields of Strength, we understand that nothing is more important than a reminder of God’s Word in times of great adversity. To that end, we offer Shields of Strength Christian necklaces and dog tags for those serving in the military and first responders—including police officers, fire fighters and EMS professionals. Let us lead you to our strength, God’s Word, as you make your way through life and adversity. The most powerful force on face of the earth is love and His name is Jesus Christ. His Word is the answer to our fear. Love never fails!

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14th Jul 2018

PatienceI must say patience is something I struggle with. The true test of patience comes when we feel violated, When a car cuts us off in traffic, when we are treated unfairly. We feel like we have a right to get upset in the face of irritations and trials. Impatience seems like a justifiable anger. The Bible praises patience as a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22) which should be produced for all followers of Christ (1 Thessalonians 5:14). Patience reveals our faith in God’s timing, omnipotence, and love.PerseveranceMost people th...
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