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9th Jan 2023

Dear Jordan PetersonWATCH VIDEOCongratulations, sir. What an honor, really, that psychology actually want to revoke your license.Minor psychologists feed off the flesh of hurting people.You are a loving man. You are seeking the truth. You are turning the lights on in the darknessAnd they are scared to death of that. And honestly, they should be.I say, take whatever training it is they want to force you to take to keep your license. But demand it’s all video recorded. Then let everybody decide whose license should be suspended.Keep going, sir...

11th Oct 2022

My Biggest FearMy biggest fear is that I mislead you. That I wake up one day and realize that I have misled thousands of people on social media and I have misled thousands of people by writing a book not based on truth. Even worse is that I misled my own family, because I didn’t believe the truth.What has concerned me the most is that I have a hard time finding any social media influencers that I agree with and any modern authors I agree with.If you think I am wrong, please tell me. I embrace criticism. I want criticism.Only two things can com...