"Before I deployed to Afghanistan, I placed a Shields of Strength Dog Tag, engraved with Joshua 1:9, on each of my daughter's book bags, one on my wife's car key chain, and one onto my Government Issued ID Tags chain.  We made a commitment that whenever we saw the dog tag we would pray for each other.  It was a special way for us to stay connected.  I am now retired from the Army, yet I still wear Shields of Strength Dog Tag Necklaces.  I give them to members of the Armed Forces, First Responders, their family members and anyone I meet.  God's Word strengthened me during the most difficult times during combat, training, and it continues to strengthen me daily.  God's Word on a simple piece of metal is powerful and serves as a physical reminder of His love and His promise to will never leave us or forsake us." Colonel David Dodd, US Army Retired 

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