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Shoe Laces with Phil 4:13

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Take the word of God with you everywhere you go with a pair of Philippians 4:13 laces for shoes from Shields of Strength, and remember that Christ is the source of your strength with each step you take. Measuring 48 inches long, these laces have the words of Philippians 4:13 reading, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" printed in white letters.  Available in white with black lettering and in black with white lettering.  Sold as a pair, these laces complement other Christian apparel and fit any type of athletic shoe including cross trainers and shoes designed for running, walking, and playing sports such as basketball. Keep them clean and prevent color fading by washing them in cold water as needed. These religious shoe laces are an excellent choice for Christian athletes who enjoy sharing their faith while they exercise.


Lacing up your sneakers and heading to the gym may be the highlight of your day, but we know being tied tightly to God’s grace is what carries us wherever we go. Reminding yourself of this with His Word on attractive and functional shoe laces is a simple and fashionable way to put extra pep in your step. More than just another Christian accessory, these laces from Shields of Strength feature words of Scripture designed to inspire you and drive your workout, your gym session, your sporting event or even your trip to the store. 




ADDITIONAL DETAILS - As an attractive and stylish addition to your everyday wardrobe, Shields of Strength Christian shoe laces pair well with other religious athletic jewelry to remind you and those you meet of the importance of physical as well as spiritual strength.


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Shields of Strength is a leading Christian apparel and accessory company with thoughtfully-designed items created in our Texas studio and inscribed with Bible verses specifically selected for individual items which are 100% unique to the Shields of Strength brand. 


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