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A Mother's Love

Posted by Blake Bradley on 4th May 2015

From the day a child is born, until the day a mother takes her last breath on earth, the mother's love is steadfast and true. She is there when her child is sick, needs guidance, discipline, encouragement, and when the child passes through life’s milestone events. Mothers bring love to everything the child encounters. I believe mothers have the toughest job on earth. They serve as physician, counselor, theologian, chef, coach, driver, accountant, maid, teacher, friend, and more. I often ask myself, “what motivates and empowers mothers to perform so many tasks with stamina, competence, and grace?” To answer this question, I asked several mothers who serve at Shields of Strength the following question, "What does being a mother mean to you"? Here are their responses:

Sharon: “I can’t write about what it means to be a mother without mentioning my own sweet, kind, loving, and selfless mother. She taught me about loving Christ first, unconditional love, and what it means to have a deep true commitment to God, husband, and children. No matter what pain the world gave us, she always provided a safe haven...our home. Our home was, and still is, a Godly place to be ourselves, to feel secure and loved, a place to learn and grow without harsh judgement...a place of love and peace. As I look back on my childhood, I am reminded it was the little things we did together that help me now as a mother. It was not what she gave me, but it was the time she invested in me and the little moments we spent together that made the difference. She tells me today when I am feeling inadequate as a mother, “Sharon, God’s grace umbrella will cover you with mercy and grace...just LOVE THEM”...Thank you Mom, I love you.

Being a mother to my two precious daughters has been the greatest privilege God has ever given me. My sweet girls, Caitlin and Grace, make my days brighter, my life richer, and my heart larger! I see the reflection of my Father’s love in their eyes. My heavenly Father loved me so much that HE created these incredible, beautiful, loving, talented, gifted, and very special daughters to love unconditionally. Thank you Lord for blessing my life with these two angels to love and hold for a short while. The time with them is passing too quickly, and I ask the Lord to help me slow down and cherish these moments. The long walks, the after school and pillow talks, the late night pajama parties, eating cookie dough, dances before surgery, cheering at running and swimming meets, crying and praying during countless moves and deployments, laughing until our sides hurt, or just dreaming about their future husbands...these are the moments I treasure. Caitlin and Grace are warm sunshine to my soul, and they make everyday feel like a day at the beach. I am grateful to God for the unique honor to be their mother...true BLESSINGS! Motherhood has made my faith deeper, my gratitude greater, and joy abound. Thank you Lord.”

Haylee: “I thought before I had my child that I was living. Little did I know that the one thing that I was missing was a child. When the Lord blessed my husband and me with a baby girl, my life felt truly fulfilled. Being a mother is a wonderful blessing that I am so thankful God entrusted to me. It is so rewarding in so many ways. That smile, that hug, her running through the door to me, makes me the happiest person alive. She truly brings out the best mommy in me and I am forever grateful.”

Tammie: "I have always felt that the Lord BLESSED me in being a mother. I count it as an honor to be chosen to be a mother or that I'm ALLOWED to be the mother of Faith, Grace and Kennedy. I see Faith, Grace and Kennedy as my three incredibly amazing BLESSINGS! And knowing they are my blessings, I feel that it's my responsibility to teach them about the Lord, love them unconditionally, nurture them, care for them and protect them. I pray for God to help me be the mother He wants me to be. And I always hope whenever my kids grow up they never have a doubt in their mind about how much I love them and how much they mean to me. I love being a mother. I feel like it's what I was called to be."

Balinda: “Being a mother means God gave me the best gift of unconditional love, patience and kindness. Being a mother means to teach kids right from wrong and to always be respectful to themselves as well as others. To always praise them, tell them and show them how much you love them! Being a mother is having that "heart of gold" especially for my two beautiful daughters and grandson!”

After reading Sharon, Tammie, Haylee, and Balinda’s comments, it is obvious that LOVE is what fuels mothers to selflessly serve and sacrifice for their children. When I think of a mother’s love, I am reminded on Mark 10:45, which says, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be Served, but to Serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.” For me, motherhood is the perfect word picture of the love that God has for all of His children. He loves us so much that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. I praise God for his unconditional love and for blessing mankind with mothers who love unconditionally.

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Thank you and Happy Mother's Day.


Blake and The Shields of Strength Team


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