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Courageous Fathers Are Not Prideful

Courageous Fathers Are Not Prideful

Posted by Kenny Vaughan on 28th Jun 2020

Excerpts from “The Right Fight: How to Live a Loving Life” by John Kennedy Vaughan

Courageous Fathers Are Not Prideful

“Pride is fear pretending to be strong. Pride always projects strength because it is afraid. True strength projects humility because it is secure.

“Fear will push or pull others down in order to pull or lift itself up. Love will push others up even if it means pushing itself down. The key to getting pride out of our lives is being grateful.

“Who are the courageous among us? Are the courageous those sacrificing others to lift themselves up or those sacrificing themselves to lift others up? Who would you choose to follow?

“Feeling prideful does not mean we need to act prideful. It means we have forgotten the truth, and we must repent before we ensure our own fall.

“One of the most important truths I teach my own children is that they are not one bit more or less valuable than anyone else. To think we are more or less valuable leads to hurting others and destroying ourselves.

“Put yourself first, and you will find yourself last. Be grateful in humility, and put yourself last, and you will find yourself first.”

Laus Deo,