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Fear Not - Love Always

Fear Not - Love Always

Posted by Kenny Vaughan on 19th Apr 2020

What is Fear?

What is Fear's Purpose?

What is Love?

What is Love's Purpose?

Fear is a feeling whose purpose is to alert us to potential danger. It's purpose is absolutely not to lead or motivate us!

Fearful leaders lead people by fear. Even though fear can motivate, where it motivates, it also destroys. Fear destroys the person following it, while it uses them to hurt everyone around them. If we allow fear to lead our lives, we will do what is best for ourself without regard for others. We will scare people into doing what we want. We are better off following a monkey than following fear.

Fear will lead us to jump when we should duck, to run when we should freeze, and to freeze when we should run.... IF....we allow it to lead us.

Fear should only alert us to potential danger. It should not be allowed to lead us. Many, many times I feel fear, when in reality, I’m in the safest place I can possibly be. Fear does not test its signals. It alerts just as quickly for a lie as it does the truth.

God is love. Love is not a feeling, it’s a decision to do what is truly best for someone else without regard for ourself. The feeling of love is the fruit of love, it is not love itself. Love’s purpose is to lead our life. Love is sound minded.

When we feel fear, we may want to run, but love is patient it is not anxious. Love asks the one word question....fear never does....and it is simply....WHY? Love is the “why” behind the “what.” Love is not what we do, it’s WHY we do what we do.

We are not supposed to follow fear, we are supposed to follow love. While fear does what is best for itself without regard for others, love does what is best for others without regard for itself.

Fear is selfish. Love is selfless. Love is a decision to do what is “truly” best for someone else without regard for yourself.

What is uniquely amazing about love is that it cannot be manipulated. The moment our intention is no longer pure, love no longer exists. In other words, loving to be loved is not love at all - It’s’s fear. Only when we love expecting nothing in return is it actually love.

The crazy thing is, living a loving life is the best possible thing we can do for ourselves, but if we do it for ourselves it’s no longer love.

Love is its own shield and its own boundary that is constantly either moving or waiting....and I could go on forever, but now I’m no longer answering the 4 questions.

Love is the identity of Christ. It’s why He says you can do all things, but if you have not love you gain nothing. It’s not what we do it’s why we do it. The one thing that fulfills everything is LOVE. With it we have everything, even if we own nothing. Without it, we have nothing even if we own everything.