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​Fitness Testimonials

Posted by Blake Bradley on 16th Mar 2015

I recently asked several individuals in the fitness industry to talk about their faith and the impact of God’s word engraved on Shields of Strength. After speaking to them, I noticed a powerful connection among the athletes regardless of their sport. God’s word has a huge impact on their lives. Hearing and seeing God’s Word is one thing but taking those Words and acting on them is another. When we act on God’s Word it grows inside of us and transforms us from within. That's when the real change takes place. Here are some of the quotes from our my interviews.

"The Word’s in these verses are great Power! We all need to see and feel the love they can have in our life and with our family!! Show your faith!

My Shield of Strength necklace reminds me of the positive power we have to celebrate and show our strength everyday through our faith"!

     Andy Haman IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

"Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you will go" Having faith means believing in your vision and taking steps each day to get closer to your hopes and dreams. With fitness, we really must walk in faith and trust that our bodies will develop exactly the way that they are meant too. It’s not a race, it’s a process and it requires strength and our faith gives us the will power to succeed.

     Nicole Matthews - Personal Trainer & Co-founder of Imprint

Shields of Strength represent scriptures that are very inspirational and they represent my favorite sport.  

      Ronnie Coleman - 8x Mr. Olympia, Owner RCSS

Faith is a huge part of my life in, and outside of, the gym. There are always going to be bumps in every path you take, but those bumps are much smaller when I lean on my faith to guide me. I turn to my Shields of Strength necklace on good and bad days. 

     Jake Dalton 4x World Medalist - U.S. Men's Gymnast/Olympian

God’s word never returns void and I pray that you will all lean on your faith through His Word during times of joy and adversity.

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Blake and the staff at Shields of Strength

P.S. Check out these powerful verses: Matthew 5:44, Mark 28:19, John 6: 63-64