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Hold Whatcha Got

Hold Whatcha Got

Posted by Blake Bradley on 11th Mar 2015

Since the beginning of time, people have faced many trials in their lives.  We have been battered, disappointed, abused, some have experienced unbelievable pain, etc. etc. and you name it! The devil loves to prey on us during these times, especially when we are at our weakest state.


There are other times when we only feel victorious! The birth of a child, that dream job comes our way, or that game winning home run! Everything just feels like its going our way.  We can do no wrong it seems!

There are also times in our life when we feel that we can't move forward or back. We remain fixed in place; not willing to lose and not feeling strong enough to surge ahead.  My father Tom Bradley taught me an important lesson when he taught me the term..."Hold Whatcha Got".

He said that during these times, you have to "dig your heels in the dirt and stay in the fight."  Wait on the Lord and losing faith is not an option.. no matter how hard you get with life, you will sustain it".

Preserve me, O God: for in thee do I put my trust. Psalm 15:1

One time in particular when I was younger, I was helping my dad cut a portion of a fallen tree.  My dad was cutting with the chainsaw, while I held up the end to keep the chain from becoming stuck during the cut.  It also prevents the piece being cut from falling unexpectedly.

I remember his voice vividly saying in a calm but serious voice as he neared his finished cut, "hold whatcha got son...we're almost there".  He repeated these words to me many times as I braced for the impact of the falling log. His voice was so calm that it gave me reassurance that we were in this together.   I was so proud to be his partner and to count on each other to accomplish this task.

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After we were done he said these words to me..."you know life sometimes until we can move forward again, we have to "hold whatcha got."  We won't always feel as strong and courageous on every given day; but, if we believe in Christ, He will come and deliver us. Humble yourself always and stay in the fight."

I pray that all of you will remember these words as I will attempt to do the same every day.

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart - Psalm 27:14

I pray that you will all trust and wait on Christ during times of trial and adversity.

The Shields of Strength are a great way to keep that daily reminder.

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P.S. Scripture verses to research: Isaiah 26:3-4 and I Corinthians 15:52