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How to Fall Back in Love with Your Spouse

How to Fall Back in Love with Your Spouse

Posted by Kenny Vaughan on 21st Feb 2024


Listen, no one really falls out of love. They stop loving and the feeling of love falls out of their lives.

Over time, instead of being patient, we can slowly grow: angry, rude, envious, prideful; we stop trusting, we lose hope; we become boastful and selfish, and we start delighting in evil. When we become these eight things love is not, the feeling of love slowly falls out of our lives.

The good news is that we can choose to love again, no matter how we feel. In other words, when we feel anger, we can still choose to be patient. When we feel rude, we can still choose to be kind. We can choose to be truthful, to protect others, to trust, to hope and to persevere in love. When we choose to love, despite how we feel, the feeling of love slowly comes back in our lives.

So, if you choose to love, no matter how you feel--believe it or not, you will fall back in love with your spouse.

Trust God’s Word no matter what.

Keep your eyes on the horizon.

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