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Isaiah The Prophet

Isaiah The Prophet

Posted by Linda Presley on 8th Apr 2024


The LORD chose Isaiah, an Old Testament prophet, to deliver His divine messages. Isaiah is the most frequently quoted prophet in the New Testament. Even his name points to Jesus.

Translated it means “The Lord [Yahweh] is salvation.” (Heb. 3470). Theologians unanimously attribute the authorship of this divinely inspired book of Isaiah to the prophet Isaiah, dating back to 700-681 B.C.

Prophecy is different from predictions in its authorship. God divinely inspired the Bible and all its works contained within it (Exodus 15:11; Is. 40:28; John 4:24).

Non-religious beliefs see a prophet as someone with special moral insights or as a strong and inspiring leader. Christian perspective attributes the LORD’s divine prophetic insights to His chosen few.

The LORD provides His wisdom and purposes to particular individuals. Christ’s prophets, in turn, receive a great intimacy with Him and Heaven. Isaiah was commanded to share these divine revelations to others (Numbers 12:6;2 Peter 1:20-21). Those that listen then share the revelations to their families, friends and others.

Personal Background

Isaiah was from a royal family according to Jewish history. Well-educated in general, he was also knowledgeable in Jewish law and traditions. He was intelligent and gifted in natural abilities.

The LORD utilizes individual traits and personalities of people from all walks of life for His divine purposes. Moses, for example, was a natural leader. The LORD also guided Moses for His purposes. Through Moses, the LORD freed the Israelites from slavery under Pharaoh.

What do any of the LORD’s prophets have to do with people today? Followers of Jesus can trust Jesus through His Word to survive this broken world.

Historical Facts

Isaiah lived 700 years before Christ’s birth in the Israelite kingdom of Judah. Eventually Judah became a strong commercial and military state. Some of the language and examples written in Isaiah are military terms and descriptions. However, it would be a mistake to conclude that military action was the mission of God.

Isaiah and his audience at the time of these writings grew up in desperate circumstances. They experienced wars, invasion, idolatry, and corrupt leaders resulting in people turning away from the LORD (Is. 39:6,7). Many people today can relate to the confusion, heartache, desperation and despair that come from such circumstances.

The weight of this worldly darkness surrounded Isaiah. His words reflect the environment at the time and were chosen specifically for the audience before him. Truly not just for them, but for generations to come.

Divine Plan by Design

God intended for the prophetic words through Isaiah to encourage and embolden generations to come with His love, grace, and mercy. All the while, God was moving hearts and souls to His One and only Son Christ Jesus (Is. 44:8; John 8:56-58).

The LORD loves and cares for His own always. God loves His creation. He created all people to have many capabilities, qualities, and unique personalities.

So great was Christ’s love that He was willing to humble Himself and give up His life as the final sacrificial lamb for sin (John 1:36). Those who call Him Lord and Savior belong to Him for all eternity (John 3:15).

He created people with both common and unique attributes, and with the ability to experience an array of emotions. Some fundamental emotions are anger, fear, love, happiness, sadness, surprise, disgust, and many others shared among all people(1:18; John 3:16; Genesis 6:6).

The realm of expressions, and the stimulus which causes an emotional expression is vast in nature. Christ understands emotions. He also experiences emotions.

Unlike the emotions of humans, the LORD’s emotions flow from His divine, holy, perfect nature (Deut. 32:4). He designed people to feel, to experience their emotions, not to be ruled by them.

The redeemed receive a new self at conversion. Their emotions are sifted through the soul, the indwelling place of the Holy Spirit (Eph. 4:24). Negative intense emotions are best dealt with by filtering them through the Lord's standards, His morals, and commandments.

For Isaiah, his prophetic beginnings came with a divine calling for him personally. Isaiah had a divine vision of the Lord on His throne (Ch. 1-4). In that moment, Isaiah experienced a personal awareness of his sin nature, and that of the world around him.

Isaiah was emotionally overwhelmed by the holiness of God and his own sinfulness, leading him to mourn his unworthiness. (Ch. 5-7).

The LORD assured Isaiah that He had forgiven him. God called Isaiah to serve. Isaiah’s response, “Here am I, send me.”

Christ has called each of His followers to a unique position in life. But also, for a purposed calling, which is to follow and serve Him.

How do you express your unique self in life? What examples do Christ's followers exhibit?

Life Application from the Book of Isaiah

Isaiah received a new Christ-centered life focus. He had a change in attitude and priorities.

He became self-less and put others first. He opened his heart and spoke to a nation of people who had grown defiant to the LORD. Through the book of Isaiah, saturated with Christological text (a.k.a. hope in Lord) the LORD saved His people from themselves, saved from selfishness, and saved to eternal life with Him.

People who turn to Jesus can then embrace a life filled with heavenly purpose. Redeemed souls willingly respond to Jesus with send me!

First responders are one of many examples. The Firefighter stands bravely and with bold conviction when faced with emergency calls.

Isaiah chapter 26 serves as a powerful reminder of God's unfailing love and righteousness. It encourages believers to keep steadfast trust in the Lord, assuring them of perfect peace amidst turmoil.

The hope of resurrection reaffirms God's supreme power over life and death, providing comfort and motivation to live righteously. Another example of courage and trust is the Christian Emergency Medical Service responder. They provide immediate care and assessments to people in need.

They must also handle matters of life and death at any time, day and night. At the core of their soul, they have embraced Isaiah 26:3.

"Thou will keep me in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee:

because I trust in Thee."

U.S. Military active duty and veterans serve for God and country. Shields of Strengths dog tags are a tangible symbol of perfect peace, provision and Christ within while in the line of duty.

Isaiah 40:31, "Mount up with wings like eagles, run and not get tired, walk and not become weary."

Christian men and women serving in Law Enforcement guard and protect people and cities from threats of crime. And prepare their hearts, minds and bodies to defend the weak and weary. They often attribute their vocational choice as a “calling”.

"I have called you by name, you are mine." Isaiah 43:1

In all walks of life, a redeemed soul is present. Called, placed for a purposed reason out of obedience.

Just for You

Evaluate your emotions through the prism of His prophetic Word. Give time to prayer and meditation upon His divine Word.

Ask yourself, “Is there anything in my life that fall’s short of Christ’s standard and purpose?”

Remember, you can return to Him, your first love. Today, be willing to apply Isaiah’s gospel message to your life. Remind yourself that no weapon formed against you will succeed.

Every tongue that speaks against me will be silenced.

My righteousness comes from the Lord. Isaiah 54:17

God created everything, seen and unseen. He knows the inner workings of His creation. He is your shield.

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