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The Quest For Gold, Interview with Kenny Vaughan, Founder and CEO of Shields of Strength

Posted by Blake Bradley on 13th Feb 2015

Recently, I interviewed our CEO, Kenny Vaughan about Shields of Strength's exciting new line of Gold items. I asked Kenny some of your most frequently asked questions. Following is a summary of Kenny’s comments.

What was your motivation behind making gold plated Shields of Strength?

Our motivation for making Gold plated Shields of Strength was to create beautiful, luxurious jewelry while maintaining affordable prices. The majority of our customers have very active lifestyles and we wanted to create quality jewelry that will stand the test of time. We worked long and hard to refine our manufacturing process to produce quality, durable, and affordable gold plated Shields of Strength. We are confident our new gold pieces will meet your expectations for years to come.

How do you create gold bonded Shields of Strength?

We use gold bonding technology for our line of Gold Shields of Strength. During the process, our solid stainless steel pendants and necklaces are dipped into a bath of electroplating solution that contains 24 carat gold. A chemical reaction occurs when an electric current is applied and a layer of gold is deposited onto the stainless steel pieces.

During our research into the Gold bonding process, we discovered the following facts:

  • Stores such as Walmart and Avon use 1-3 micro inches of gold in their dipping process
  • Fine jewelry lines such as Monet and Trifari use 5 micro inches of gold in their dipping process

To ensure the utmost in quality, we decided to use 50 micro inches of gold, 10 times the amount used by Monet and Trifari. This process takes quite a long time for each piece to reach the 50 micro stage and we take great pride in the finished item. As always, we seek excellence in all we do.

What Quality Control Measures do you employ?

We have several jewelry testers who wear Shields of Strength in extreme conditions. During a prolonged testing period, they do not remove jewelry. The jewelry is exposed to perspiration, temperature changes, water of varied temperatures, humidity, and varied lighting. To date, our gold pieces have withstood the testing with no problems.

How do you maintain and care for Gold bonded jewelry?

To keep your Shields of Strength jewelry looking its best, simply use mild soap and water and a soft cloth for drying. If required, a soft bristle tooth brush can be used to clean hard to reach locations. Do not use chemical based cleaners, as they may damage quality jewelry pieces.

How many gold Shields of Strength models have you designed and produced?

We have produced more than 20 gold plated Shields of Strength items. Many of these pieces have been featured on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest @shieldsofstrength. To receive early notification of our newest Shields of Strength and promotional information, sign up to receive our mailing list. When you sign up, you will receive a 10% OFF coupon. Sign up is easy, simply click on the Coupon tab at

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We are Forever Grateful,

Blake Bradley and The Shields of Strength Team

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--Here are a few scriptures to research: Matthew 5:44, John 5:24, Galatians 6:5-6