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What Chapter of the Bible Should I Read First

What Chapter of the Bible Should I Read First

Posted by Kenny Vaughan on 25th Aug 2023


This is a question I get a lot. The Bible is not actually in chapters, it’s in books. There are several different books divided into chapters and verses. But hands down, if you ask me, there is no question that you should start with the book of John. Or, as it is called—the Gospel of John. God’s Word is our instruction manual for how we should live this life. Jesus is our example. Jesus is like the picture. You look at the picture first. John paints a picture of who Jesus is and after you understand who He is, you will have a lot better understanding of what else you are reading as you go along. So, start with the book of John, and after that, if you want to read more, you have Romans, Philippians, James and a lot of other great books right there around the book of John. I have been reading the Bible for over thirty years and I don’t know how many times I have read the book of John; and every time I read the book of John, I learn something new. Trust God’s Word no matter what. Keep your eyes on the horizon.