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What is the meaning of Philippians 4:13?

What is the meaning of Philippians 4:13?

Posted by Linda Presley on 17th Feb 2024

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

The Apostle Paul faced many challenging battles as a chosen servant of the LORD. Everywhere he traveled there was always a person or groups of people who desired to defeat him and put an end to his mission. They desired that the battle be lost regarding the risen King. Philippians 4:13 describes another of Paul’s divinely inspired writings often referred to as the Prison Epistles (Eph; Col; Philem). Even imprisoned Paul could say that Christ was his strength. He could rest in His infinite love and care. In this he learned contentment. Paul’s contentment was learned through the many battles and oppositions he faced on his life journey. In all circumstances, in plenty or little he learned to be content in the promises of Jesus Christ, Who was his strength (Phil 4:12,13). Paul did not take “joy” being in prison. No, his joy was in the Lord. It is not just on the mission field that the redeemed soul needs Christ’s strength. In all life endeavors, goals, and the battles that stand before them, the redeemed have need of His divine strength. The Apostle Paul wore heavy chains while imprisoned. The redeemed soul in all levels of society wear heavy burdens according to the times, circumstance, and even in their careers.

In sports and fitness, athletes desire to be champions when competing. They desire to finish strong. Keeping the Lord’s Word in the forefront of their focus and goals spurs them on in His strength. Consider those boxers who must persevere through demanding training. They too, can be reminded of the Lord’s enduring strength in and out of the ring. Whether or not they are wearing boxing gloves they want to be inspired and inspire others.

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