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What Sets You Free From Suffering

What Sets You Free From Suffering

Posted by Kenny Vaughan on 22nd Jul 2022

What Sets You Free From Suffering


It’s the truth! The truth is what sets you free.

Sometimes it’s the truth that what someone did or said to hurt you says nothing about you.

Sometimes it’s the truth is that what I said or did to someone that hurt them—if I could find the courage to apologize and repent, maybe I could actually help them in their journey to heal and to love.

Sometimes it’s the truth, all the time, energy and effort I am pouring into myself loving myself is actually keeping me from healing and leading me to suffer.

And sometimes, it’s the truth that if I would die to myself, love God and others, that loving would heal me.

John 8:32You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. The truth can hurt but it always brings healing in the end.Trust God’s Word no matter what.Keep your eyes on the horizon.

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