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Mother Nature of The Lord's Nature

Mother Nature of The Lord's Nature

Posted by Linda Presley on 28th Feb 2024

Tree of Life

It is common for people to use the term “Mother Nature” when referring to the laws involved with keeping nature orderly. People will say, “It is Mother Nature that makes the trees and green grass grow.” Truly, it is not Mother Nature, but God that created this universe Who controls His creation (Genesis 1). He did so with purpose in mind. Knowing the order of the natural environment brings about the opportunity to predict and therefore monitor, plan and manage. This is the stewardship given for all upon the earth.

The apostle Paul, in Colossians 1:16-18, points to Who created the universe and everything in it. Christ Jesus is not only the Creator of the universe He is the Sustainer, holding everything together. He is also the Ruler of the intricate and still mysterious processes in the world. Born Again followers know Him as the cornerstone that unites His people together under His Authority. Jesus is not some impersonal god or mystical force. In all that He created He purposed humans to manage and care for His creation (Genesis 2:8). He purposed climatologists to study and understand natural changes. He purposed physicists to learn about atoms. He purposed publicists who help distribute information. The stars and planets He gave charge to astronomists to reveal His vast universe. Oceanographers, geologists, mathematicians, chemists, and microbiologists have purpose from the Lord. Jesus gave oversight responsibilities His own. When He came to His created world, he often used natural things in the environment to teach people about Himself and the message of salvation. Among nature He chose the tree and its roots as an example.

Jesus’ audience were both Jew and Gentile. References to trees are found in a number of Scripture references and were part of early Jewish language and art. The tree is a collective symbol that points to life and spiritual healing. In the Book of Colossians, apostle Paul was divinely inspired to use tree and root symbolisms to present His views regarding His relationship with His own.

"Let your roots grow down into Him, and let your lives be built on Him." Colossians 2:7 NLT

Followers of Christ Jesus are called to believe in Him and accept Him as Lord of their lives. The Christians of Colossi were called again for a different reason. They needed to decide what to follow, false teachers or Christ’s Truths. Paul was warning them of false teachings that were replacing His Truths. The believer’s sincere acceptance of His salvation calling is firmly secure, established and rooted in Him. In turn this union brings an abounding faith with thankfulness and thanksgiving and desire to maintain union with Christ. Can this relationship with Jesus compete in the face of an ever-changing world? Absolutely! Like today, there were a number of different religions. And just like today, people were mixing and matching truths about Jesus. This often leads to extremes, i.e. legalism, and immoral freedoms. Today, these toxic messages of extreme opinions are rooted in moral and philosophical relativism. They often say, “What’s true for you may not be true for me.” or “All religions are basically the same.” The Christians at Colossi were faced with holding tightly to what they had been taught ... “Jesus is Lord.”

Paul, being alerted to the threat of false teachings, wrote divinely inspired words of Truth to the church of Colossi. Christ, All-knowing purposed a messenger to Paul telling him of the challenges facing the church body. Paul was purposed to remind the congregation of the Supremacy of Jesus and the gospel salvation message.

The apostle Paul was under house arrest in Rome at the time he wrote Colossians (A.D. 60 to 62). He had not actually traveled to the City of Colossi [located at the base of Mt. Cadmus in modern Turkey]. The church plant of Colossi is accredited to two redeemed businessmen Archippus, and Epaphras, associates of Paul. The significance of this fact telegraphs to all whose faith is in Christ Jesus that a redeemed soul does not necessarily need to be in full-time ministry to spread the Gospel message or even to plant a Christ-centered church (Acts 19:0-10). The Word had taken root in the minds, hearts, and souls of Christ’s followers. However, for a few that was not enough. False teachings had penetrated their minds. Paul did not simply admonish the Colossians. Nor did he tell them what to do. He taught them the LORD’S wisdom. Paul knew that some people can be gifted, but unwise. Relationship with Jesus is a continuing journey. Everyone is in a different process, phase of relationship with Him. The goal is to mature in and with Jesus.

Paul set a wonderful example of serving, sacrificing, and suffering for Jesus. It cost Paul and many Christians to labor for Jesus. Many personal stories are found throughout the pages of the Bible. Here in the US, Christians certainly do not suffer for following Jesus as many Christians in the world do. Know that when suffering comes when serving Christ, He is suffering with you. Christ was persecuted, His followers will be persecuted. Christ understands. Be assured the struggle is worth it. Paul was struggling himself as he wrote to the church of Colossi.

Chapter 2:1, Paul wrote, For I want you to know what a great conflict [struggle] I have for you... Paul affirms them, v6 As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk with Him. ... v7 rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving. From this point forward Paul begins to teach wisdom and cautions the congregation to beware of false teaching. The congregation was being told that Christ was not enough. Sweet sounding words were influencing them.Paul was not physically there to face the offenders. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit was. Paul continued to minister to the people, pointing them back to the cornerstone of their foundation. He reminded them that they needed to keep all Christ’s ordinances. They needed to remember the importance of His death and resurrection, and to encourage themselves and one another.

When discouragement sets in, faith can begin to crumble. Life can wear the Christian down. In Paul’s time and today Christians need one another. Reminders of His purpose for daily life brightens the heart of a believer. When encouraged in His love the Christian is spiritually enriched and can continue to grow. In nature, from a seed grows a tree that produces a strong root (a radicle) which grows down into the soil until it reaches the water table. Then more roots are produced to seek more nutrients spreading horizontally. The radicle root continues deeper in search of more water and nutrients all the while the tree grows vertically larger developing branches. The fellowship with Christ is the same. Like the tree whose roots have grown deep, so are the redeemed who nourish their souls with His Living Water. What a radical process!

The church of Colossi responded to Paul’s encouragement and love and began to put action into Christ’s Word. Today the redeemed must say, “No!” to false teachers. Embrace Jesus and His teachings and know that Jesus is enough.

It helps to have reminders of His love and sacrifices. Consider how practical faith jewelry can be in the life of a Christian. It is a symbol of encouragement, a reminder to other Christians who see it. Christian jewelry is also an evangelistic tool to start conversation. Shields of Strength has recently designed a women’s pendant necklace called the Tree of Life. An inspiring gift for any woman. 

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