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Shields of Strength Lawsuit Against Department of Defense

Shields of Strength Lawsuit Against Department of Defense

Posted by David Dodd on 18th Dec 2021

Fish & Richardson and First Liberty filed a trademark licensing lawsuit against the U.S. government Tuesday in Texas Eastern District Court on behalf of Shields of Strength, a 'faith-based' seller of military-themed products. The complaint arises from Shields' line of replica 'dog tags' containing Bible verses. Shields contends that, despite the company's obtaining trademark licenses for its products as requested by the federal government, the Department of Defense sent the company cease-and-desist notices demanding that Shields stop selling military-themed items containing religious content. According to the plaintiff, the government is responding to pressure from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. The case is 6:21-cv-00484, Shields of Strength v. United States Department of Defense et al.

This has been a 2 year long process and it will not end soon. Kenny and Tammie have the courage, toughness, and faith to fight this battle. They will not quit.

This lawsuit may set precedence to protect against First Amendment restrictions for Christians serving in Uniform and to protect Christian owned businesses against unfair Trademark practices by the federal government.

We are praying for God to do something big through Kenny and Tammie as they take on DOD.

On 12/17/21, Kenny Vaughan was interviewed on the Shannon Bream Show (FoxNews).  On 12/19/21, Kenny is scheduled to appear on Fox&Friends.

Read the Lawsuit - Click Here