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​True or False: Until You Love Yourself, You Can’t Love Others

​True or False: Until You Love Yourself, You Can’t Love Others

Posted by Kenny Vaughan on 15th Aug 2020

This is a serious falsehood.

This subject gets me more 'unfollows' on Instagram than any other, but please think about it. It’s not my truth but it is a truth that set me free.

Anyone who tells you to love yourself first doesn’t understand love. Neither did I for half of my life.

Until you love yourself, you can’t love others is one of the worst lies we have ever been told. It’s like the perfect lie.

The truth is if we love ourselves, we can’t love others. Because love puts something first. If I put myself first, I love myself. If I put you first, then I love you.

It can't be both ways.

The lie comes from this idea that we are like a cup. That until we are full, we don’t have anything to give away.

The truth is that love is a choice and in loving, we are more like a conduit – a pipe, than a cup.

This is how love works. We can be completely empty but we can still choose to love others. When we choose to love others, then God’s love flows through us to others, and that love fills us.

John 15:13

Greater love has no one than lay down their life for their friend.

Laus Deo,