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When to confront someone with the truth

Posted by Kenny Vaughan on 14th Oct 2019

The truth is way too important to ignore, but it’s also very powerful. So is God’s Word. When we have something so powerful, we should be carful how we deliver it. You don’t have to hit someone hard with a freight train in order to get their attention. Normally, all they have to do is see it coming, sometimes they need to be bumped by it, and as a last resort, they may need to be challenged with it. Our responsibility is to deliver the truth in a way someone is most likely to receive it. Not just speak it so we can be right. As a last resort, if we love someone, we will sit them down and confront them with the truth for their own sake. All this said, the truth delivered terribly is far better than truth ignored. John 8:32,”And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”