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Stainless Steel Golf Ball Marker/ Pocket Token- Phil 4:13

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Pocket Tokens are to be carried around with you daily as a great pocket reminder for anyone that would rather not wear jewelry.  This token is made of solid stainless steel and best of all, serves not only as a token, but as reminder of God's word.  Some tokens are flat, making it a little hard to pick up off of a flat surface. The Shields of Strength token is designed with a tapered front and back so that picking it up off of a flat surface is easy. This token has a beautiful cross on the front and the back side reads Phil 4:13 "I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me". It may also be used as a golf ball marker to mark the placement of a golf ball on a green. Golfers carry these engraved markers in their pockets. 

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