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Stainless Steel Mini Angel Wing Necklace-Psalm 91:11

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DESIGNChristian women will feel empowered and protected with this mini angel wing necklace that serves as a reminder that God is always watching over them and angels are always there to protect them.  The front of the necklace features a feathered stainless steel angel wing that will complement any outfit.  On the reverse side of the angel wing is an inscription of the Scripture Psalm 91:11.  Shields of Strength is a Texas based  Company.  We stand behind our designs.

SCRIPTURE - Inscribed with Psalm 91:11, "He shall command His Angels to protect you wherever you go."  Learn More - Read Psalm BLOG

DIMENSIONS-  The mini wing measures 1.17 inches tall, 0.42 inches wide, and 0.08 inches thick.  Choose from a 16, 18, 20, 22, or 24-inch stainless steel curb chain. 

MATERIAL - Shields of Strength uses the highest grade stainless steel containing zero nickel, commonly referred to as “Surgical Grade” which does not irritate skin and never tarnishes. 

WARRANTYOur prayer is that Shields of Strength will serve as a reminder of God's Word.  We 100% guarantee all stainless steel jewelry for a lifetime.  Gold plated jewelry is plated heavily with real gold and is warrantied for 1 year from the date of purchase.  Shields of Strength 14K gold is genuine metal stamped authentic.  If you ever have a problem, contact our customer support team, they will take care of you.  If an item does not meet your expectations, please call us at 1-800-326-7882.

Do Angels exist?

Take a spiritual journey through the Holy Bible and you will find the word angel and its various forms noted close to three hundred times, depending on the translation. Psalm 148 is a praise psalm to the LORD of creation and all that He created. Verse two of this psalm specifically notes angels. This fact that God created angels is also affirmed in Colossians 1:16. Without doubt the faithful can accept the Truth that angels exist, and God created them. They are described as God’s Agents, wholly spiritual creatures with many more abilities and responsibilities than humans. Differences exist of course. For one thing, they neither marry nor die. When described in the bible they are always in male human form, able to communicate in human language with those they are interacting with at the time. There are ministering angels with divine spiritual abilities that affect humans. They are instilled by God with amazing powers. Their appearance is described as breathtaking, awesome (Matthew 28:1-7). Cautionary note: be aware the Word of God in the New Testament does not allow the worship of angels (Colossians 2:18; Revelation 22:8-9). Angels are far more powerful, stronger, wiser and more knowledgeable than humans. They are, however, limited by God (Matthew 24:36). They surround the heavenly throne of Jesus, ministering to Him and do His bidding. Christ is their Lord and King (Hebrews. 1:4,6,13-14). Only for a moment did God lower His Son beneath angels (Hebrew 2:7). Angels know the redeemed people of Jesus, interacting with them throughout the Old and New Testaments. Angels guided Philip (Acts 8:26). And as well an angel of the Lord freed the apostles from prison (Acts 5:19). Since the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the indwelling Holy Spirit has been entrusted with duties once done by angels. He guides, brings Truth to the redeemed soul, gives protection, and empowers the redeemed. Unlike angels He does not come and go. The Holy Spirit, Himself, interacts with angels. Thankfully, angels are always near to the redeemed. Shields of Strength has an inspirational stainless steel mini angel wing necklace designed just for you. Contact our gift specialists at 1-800-326-7882.

What is the meaning of Psalm 91:11?

Outdoor enthusiasts, like hikers, love trekking through mountains and forests. Long-distance hikers prefer to push their bodies, testing their physical and mental abilities. Imagine being forced to walk through the wilderness. This was the case for the children of Israel (Psalm 91). The consensus among theologians attributes the divinely inspired words of Psalm 91 to Moses of the Bible. In a time of great despair, he took his mind and soul out of the wilderness threat and set them into a spiritual environment through prayer. The verses leading up to verse eleven is a roadmap of seeking security and protection from God (v.v. 1-10). Moses under the Authority of God led the people of God through the terrors perpetrated upon them as captives. Had the children of Israel chosen to follow God in obedience He would have given them all the necessary strength and courage they required. However, they chose to be disobedient. There is nothing that the Lord and the redeemed cannot overcome together. Verse eleven makes it crystal clear – He shall command His angels to protect you wherever you go.

The world can be dangerous. The redeemed are called to turn to God first for protection and guidance. Moses was given peaceful divine confidence to lead others to the LORD for protection in times of trouble. Jesus Christ will manage all your worldly concerns. Go to Him in prayer.

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