Stainless Steel Thin Cross Pair of Earrings-John 19:30

Close up of the Shields of Strength women's stainless steel thin cross earrings, with one earring showing the front side embossed "SOS" with the "O" styled as a cross within a heart, and one earring showing the reverse side, embossed "John 19:30" and "It is finished."

For any woman of faith, Christian apparel is a constant assurance of the presence of God, who guides and protects us in our endeavors; and the Shields of Strength stainless steel thin cross earrings are a wonderful expression of faith. Bearing the words of John 19:30, these dangling earrings remind us of Christ's sacrifice, which ensures no task is too great, for "It is finished." Beautiful Christian jewelry for women makes a wonderful gift for Mother's Day, a birthday, or Christmas, and these earrings, each measuring 1.65 inches by 1.16 inches, are perfectly suited for a graduation present, or as a memento for anyone who has achieved greatness, or who strives for greatness through God. To clean the jewelry and ensure its attractive appearance, simply use a polishing cloth.