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6'10" Medium Red Casting/Fishing Rod - Phil 4:13


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This red medium rod is loaded with features starting with its extra sensitive carbon fiber construction.  The reel seat actually exposes the rod blank to the touch of the finger while holding the rod to fish.  This allows even the slightest of bites to be detected in the rod.  To ensure long and smooth casting, it's  loaded with 10 stainless steel eyes lined with ultra smooth poly rings designed to reduce friction and allow the line to flow freely.  The rod is designed to resist UV damage and even harsh salt water.  One feature you may have never seen before are the max and minimum fish length marks built onto the rod at construction.  They are not painted on, they are wrapped with string just like the eyes so they never wear off.  The first blue mark is 14" from the top of the reel seat.  The second silver mark is 15", the first red mark is 20", the second silver mark is 25", the second red mark is 28", and the last silver mark is 30" from the top of the reel seat.  This allows the fisherman to quickly check the length of a fish without even setting their rod down, and they add a really nice colorful touch to the rod.  The rod is also equipped with an easy access hook bar that allows the fisherman to quickly store his hook or bait on the rod.  Best of all, like everything we make at Shields of Strength, the rod has chrome printing of our favorite Scripture Philippians 4:13, I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me. On top of all of this, every rod comes with a custom storage bag designed specifically for your rod.

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