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Air Force Veteran Coin

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For veterans, an Air Force challenge coin is a symbol of commitment, companionship, and patriotism, and the Shields of Strength Air Force veteran coin is a beautiful and respectful gift for military personnel, past and present. The Air Force veteran coin is gold, navy, and purple in color, measures 1.75 inches across, and weighs 0.11 pounds. On the front is the Air Force symbol, and on the back are the empowering words of Isaiah 40:31, which are particularly fitting for anyone who has soared among the clouds: "Mount up with wings like eagles, run and not get tired, walk and not become weary." As with any piece of Christian jewelry, items such as coins bearing scriptures are powerful tools in everyday life, serving as constant reminders of God's love everlasting and helping to spread the message to those who would listen.

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