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Answered Unanswered Prayers

Answered Unanswered Prayers

Posted by Dr. Sarah Sweeney on 16th Feb 2018

God Has A Plan

"I am bent over and racked with pain. All day long I walk around filled with grief"- Psalm 38:6
When we go through difficult times, it can really be tough to hang in there and keep your faith. The most important thing I have learned through a series of severe heartaches due to loss of family, health conditions, and financial stress, is to keep your eyes focused on the Lord and there are NO "unanswered prayers." In this verse, David had his mind so full of grief, he was unable to see that God had a plan, but what I've learned is God always has a plan.

The Lord will not continue to keep your happiness by circumstances alone. He will give you happiness through his enduring love and constant reminder that He is with you no matter what is happening. There is no greater peace, happiness, or relief than knowing that the Lord is right there with you. No amount of money, no specific person on earth, no perfect job, no perfect health report could ever replace the presence of the Lord with you during all of your ups and downs. Nothing on this earth will ever complete your happiness and make you feel as safe as the Lord and His comfort alone.

Turn To The Lord

When things get rough, no matter what the difficulty is, turn to the Lord with all of your concerns, and he will guide you. Sometimes, we pray to God, and His answer is not what we expected. It sometimes seems like a "no." But just remember that the Lord answers our prayers every single time, even if we don't like God's answer. He answers our prayers based on what He knows is best for us, and what He has planned for us.

Just as a parent says "no" to a child, God can, and does, say "no." When this occurs, we often feel as if God did not answer our prayer, but that is not the case. The Lord answers, because He knows what is best for you. So, if you are grief stricken, stressed, or have prayed to the Lord and have not received the answer you want, just keep reminding yourself that God answers EVERY prayer. His answer is perfect, it is best for you, even when it is not the answer than you expected. Trust in Him, and give all of your hope and faith to Him, and He will ensure your well being.