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​Is It a Sin for Me to Want to Prosper?

​Is It a Sin for Me to Want to Prosper?

Posted by Kenny Vaughan on 2nd Nov 2020

After I did a video on denying yourself, I got a lot of direct messages from people asking me, “Should I deny myself my dream, my goal, my desire to prosper? Is it a sin to want those things?”

I think there were a lot of good-hearted people asking questions like that.

I say, no, it’s not wrong to want those things and pursue them. But, if our goals and our desire is selfish in nature, and we aren’t going to let God in to give that dream the meaning He intends for it to have, I don’t think we will get God to go along with us.

Deny your selfish nature and your desire to put yourself first. Nothing is worth living a selfish life. Then, do all you do as unto the Lord. You will be surprised at what God can use when you keep Him first.

It’s why we do what we do, I believe, that is so much more important than what we do.

If we want to prosper just so we can lord over other people, then that’s no good.

But if we want to prosper so that God can use us to influence and touch other people, and love other people, I think God will join us on the mission.

I have been a water ski jumper most of my life. God somehow used that to touch millions of people through Shields of Strength. I never dreamed anything like that would ever happen.

It all came from me fighting and fighting to overcome my fear, then, finally, trusting God with that battle.

No matter how hard I fought, no coaches in the world could ever help me overcome my fear.

No matter how good I got, I was still afraid and whenever it mattered the most, I choked -- good for only half of my potential.

Then Tammie -- my girlfriend, then, and, now, my wife for over 20 years -- starts writing scripture on my ski equipment. Then, when it mattered most, God helped me follow those scriptures instead of my fear. That’s how God’s Word changed my life forever.

I wanted a daily reminder, so I put those scriptures on dog tags. After 9/11, those scripture-inscribed dog tags were so in demand by the military deploying to the Middle East, we couldn’t keep up with their requests.

Now we make all this jewelry. We make shirts, crosses…. Everything we make, we put a scripture on it.

All that came out of chasing a dream. God gave me that dream of winning the Nationals and He gave me the heart and the opportunity to use that victory, not as my victory, but as His victory.

Do whatever you do as unto the Lord. Not so you can lord it over other people but so you can serve others and have influence in their lives, and I think God will work through that.

Thank you @tammieavaughan for leading me to my dream. Thank you, God, for giving me a godly woman and a dream, and for making that small dream, that one-time moment into this tremendous lifetime opportunity to share your Word with so many all across the world.

3 John 2:5
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers.

Trust God’s Word, no matter what!

Keep your eyes on the horizon!

Laus Deo,


“The Right Fight: How to Live a Loving Life” by John Kennedy Vaughan