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Why The Cross?

Why The Cross?

Posted by David Dodd, Colonel US Army Retired, COO Shields of Strength on 31st Mar 2018


Saturday, the day after Christ was murdered was a horrible day for his mother and the terrified disciples.  The disciples must have questioned their belief in Jesus as the Son of God.  Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?  If he was the Son of God, how could God have allowed Him to be murdered?

Not only murdered but humiliated.  Stripped naked, beaten like a dog, nailed to a cross with a crown made of thorns, with a sign which read, “The King of the Jews.” He hung naked for six hours in front of his mother and anyone who passed by the cross. Jewish leaders and Roman Soldiers heckled Him.  They hurled insults at Him.  He was totally abandoned by everyone, minus His Mother, Mary Magdalene, and one disciple, John. They were helpless and watched as he struggled for 6 hours. The Jewish leaders yelled, “how can you be the Savior if you cannot save yourself?” But worst of all, He was separated from God the Father.  


On Saturday, all who loved and followed Jesus must have questioned their belief. For years, they waited and looked  for a King who would restore the Nation of Israel to its former glory. They were looking for a king like David. A warrior who would destroy Israel’s enemies. A King who would provide protection and prosperity. 

Different Kind of King

Jesus was radically different from what they expected. He was not a Warrior, He did not value wealth, power, or position.  He associated with prostitutes, the poor, the outcasts, and He despised religious leaders who perverted the scriptures for their own personal gain.  However, he healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, cast out demons, cured depression, anxiety, and psychotic breaks from reality.  He spoke with authority to the religious leaders and taught the Word of God clearly and perfectly. 

But on Friday as He hung on the cross, it appeared that He could not protect Himself, or the Jews, from the hated Romans who held Israel in bondage.  What the people did not understand is that Jesus had the power to be the kind of King the Jews envisioned.  He could have defeat the Romans militarily and He could have freed Israel from the Roman bondage. 

The Plan

But that was not the plan.  That would not have solved the problem of mankind’s separation from God. The only solution to restore mankind’s relationship with God was for a perfect man to give His life as a substitute for the penalty of sin. The sinless man had to die, substituting His life for the penalty of mankind's sin.  Jesus gave His life so that all who Believe in Him are TOTALLY FORGIVEN.

Friday was a terrible day of pain and suffering for our Lord and Savior. Saturday was a terrifying and confusing day for all who believed Jesus was the Savior, the Christ, the returning King of Israel.

But do not dispair, Sunday is coming.