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Shields of Strength Book by Kenny Vaughan

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Discover the true story of national champion Kenny Vaughan in the "Shields of Strength" book. This motivational story leaves no doubt that faith can overcome any stronghold of fear, and that trust in God can turn a personal hardship into a victory for anyone. Learn how Vaughan battled a crippling fear of failure, and how a new understanding of God's Word gave him the spiritual fortitude necessary to become a gold medal-winner. The paperback book, published by Brown Books Publishing group in 2010, is 154 pages long, and packs a powerful message to surrender your fear, not surrender to it, and look to God for strength and guidance. "Vaughan's tenacity and spirit shine through his writing, making this book a "must read" message for everyone confronted by adversity and tough times," according to New York Times bestselling author Oliver North, Lt. Col., USMC (retired).

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