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The Right Fight, How to Live a Loving Life - by Kenny Vaughan


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Headline: Love as He Intended: Choosing Strength Over Fear

What is the opposite of love? Many would say hate, but studying the Bible reveals that it is actually fear. Fear leads us to make harmful decisions and live unproductive, unhappy, and unfruitful lives. Love is the key to a fruitful life, but love must be more than a feeling. Love must be an action, a choice. Choosing love over fear is the most powerful choice we can make.

Kenny Vaughan brings this timeless discussion back to the forefront of our spiritual exploration by teaching us to view life as a fruit-bearing tree. When we feed the roots with love, the tree flourishes, and we enjoy the blessings that grow upon it. If we deprive our roots, however—if we allow fear to cut us off from love—then the whole tree withers and dies. Utilizing both Scripture and anecdotes from modern life, The Right Fight teaches us how to tend our roots, grow our fruit, and, through the grace of God, cast fear out for good. This book contains 176 pages.
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