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Thin Red Line Firefighter Dog Tag Necklace-Isaiah 6:8

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DESIGN - A Thin Red Line overlaid on the center stripe of an American flag represents the men and women in red who stand between innocent civilians and fire. Firefighters risk their lives to protect innocent civilians, property, businesses, and homes. These brave Americans are selfless servants who put the welfare other others before their own.

SCRIPTURE - Inscribed with Isaiah 6:8, "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I, Send me!"

DIMENSIONS - 1.95 inches tall, 1.08 inches wide, 0.06 inch thick and comes with an 18 inch chain.

MATERIAL - Chain is made with the highest grade stainless steel containing zero nickel, commonly referred to as “Surgical Grade” which does not irritate skin and never tarnishes. Pendant is made from high quality zinc just like authentic weight plates and dumbbells. Easy to clean with warm water, mild soap, and soft cloth.

WARRANTY - Shields of Strength items are created by our internal design team and inscribed with Scripture. We 100% guarantee every item and will stand behind it for a lifetime. If you ever have a problem, contact our customer support team, they will take care of you.

What is the meaning of Thin Red Line jewelry inscribed with Isaiah 6:8?

Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” Isaiah 6:8 NKJ The prophet Isaiah of the Old Testament bible is the most quoted in the New Testament. His name means “The Lord is salvation.” This OT book is a book of divine inspiration written about 700-681 B.C, making it a most astounding study for every redeemed soul. Isaiah’s life underscores the providential plans of God for His own. Isaiah was enthusiastic in serving God. He responded with heart-felt eagerness when called by God to prophesy (6:9-13). In service to God, Isaiah was selfless. He followed God’s every command, aligning himself with God in obedience. Although the times were prosperous for the people of Judah, a Kingdom located near present-day Israel between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea, the people had moved far from their spiritual relationship with God. The sin nature of their leaders trickled down into the self-absorbed citizens (2 Kings 16:2-4). Why is this important to note? Because it caused the nation to become vulnerable and easily influenced by other nations. Time had become desperate. Faith in God was not at the center of the peoples’ heart. Praise and worship gave way to mindless rituals and their idolatry left no room for relationship with God (1:10-15). Ultimately, all this would lead to a Babylonian captivity (39:6-7). Personal and social sins, political entanglements were the consequences of their abandonment of God. The All-knowing LORD called out to Isaiah to be His prophet. Isaiah’s response, “Here am I! Send me.” A surrendered life to the LORD expresses itself in action and unquestioning service. Service and protection for others is demonstrated by Firefighters who answer the call to be sent into burning buildings to save innocent life. These brave men and women stand between the danger of death by fire and life for others. Their symbol is the Thin Red Line. They respond to the call of duty and when called to rush into danger, they answer by saying, “Here am I, Send Me.” Wearing Shields of Strength Thin Red Line jewelry inscribed with Isaiah 6:8; including, cross, axe, and dog tag necklaces is a meaningful way to honor firefighters and to keep God’s Word inches from your heart.

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