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3/3 Makes a Whole

Posted by Blake Bradley on 24th Jul 2015

We have often been taught the math rule that 3/3 = 1 (a whole).  In fact, the formal definition of a whole is: (1): free of wound or injury :unhurt(2): recovered from a wound or injury :re … read more

To Keep The Faith You Must Have The Faith

Posted by Blake Bradley on 28th Jun 2015

Faith by the dictionary definition is: "Complete trust or confidence in someone or something".  One of the Bibles best definitions of faith can be found in Hebrews 11:1 which says, "Now f … read more

Happy Fathers Day!

Posted by Blake Bradley on 17th Jun 2015

 "I'll ask Daddy" he will know what to do!  Every father has heard these words before. Our kids trust us unconditionally and they depend on us to help them navigate through this world wit … read more

Summer Flowers

Posted by Blake Bradley on 3rd Jun 2015

Summer Flowers We have reached that warm weather season again. The kids are out of school, watermelon is in season and the flowers are in bloom. Flowers given as gifts convey many differ … read more

Decoration Day!

Posted by Blake Bradley on 24th May 2015

Decoration Day Memorial Day was once known as Decoration Day. Decoration Day began after the American Civil War to commemorate the Confederate and U … read more