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Men's Stainless Steel Lineman Cross Necklace - John 1:4

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DESIGN - Jesus said, “I am the life of the world.”  After conquering the storms of life, Jesus sacrificed Himself so that others might have life eternally.  Linemen also sacrifice for others and they risk their lives during storms to provide electricity to homes, businesses, hospitals, churches and more.  This authentic cross necklace honors Jesus Christ and Linemen for their selfless service and sacrifice.  It is worn by linemen and all who appreciate and value them.  “Shields of Strength is a Texas based Company. We stand behind our designs.”

SCRIPTURE - Inscribed with John 1:4, "I am the life of the world."   Learn More - Read "A Gospel Driven Life" BLOG

DIMENSIONS - The cross measures 1.65 inch tall, 1.16 inch wide, 0.25 inch thick.  Select from an 18, 20, 22, 24 or 30-inch stainless steel curb chain.

MATERIALThis necklace is available in Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold Plated.  Shields of Strength uses the highest grade stainless steel containing zero nickel, commonly referred to as “Surgical Grade” which does not irritate skin and never tarnishes.  Shields of Strength uses extra heavy gold plating with a minimum of 40 mils of real gold. 

WARRANTYOur prayer is that Shields of Strength will serve as a reminder of God's Word.  We 100% guarantee all stainless steel jewelry for a lifetime.  Gold plated jewelry is plated heavily with real gold and is warrantied for 1 year from the date of purchase.  Shields of Strength 14K gold is genuine metal stamped authentic.  If you ever have a problem, contact our customer support team, they will take care of you.  If an item does not meet your expectations, please call us at 1-800-326-7882.

What Inspired the Lineman Cross Design?

If you do not recognize this Lineman cross necklace, you probably do not live alongside the Texas Gulf coast. Shields of Strength created this jewelry accessory to honor the heroic men and women who serve the residents living along the Texas Gulf coast, who face intense, dangerous, hurricane storms next to some of the most vulnerable coastal areas of Texas. The aftermath of these storms leaves residents literally in the dark. People that live along the southern borders of Texas and as far inland as Galveston and Houston will recognize this symbolic stainless steel lineman’s jewelry accessory. Honor these brave and strong, both mentally and physically, men and women with either the stainless steel Lineman cross necklace or the precious 14K gold plated jewelry accessory.

What is the Meaning of John 1:4?

In him was life and that life was the light of all mankind. John 1:4

I. Christ, the Divine Word of God, Who became Human

John 1:1-10 states clearly that Christ is the Son of God, is the Word, always was and is and will be eternally a part of the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In Him was life and this life is the Light of humankind (John 1:4).

II. God Revealed His Son and Jesus revealed the Father’s Mind

Sent by the Father, His Light gives purpose to the redeemed life. With the indwelling Holy Spirit, the redeemed soul can conquer sin, understand the Word, and utilize the unique gifts given through Him to service, and evangelism. The apostle John’s unexpected meeting with Christ led him to immediately follow Jesus (John 1:35-39). Redeemed souls do not necessarily need to leave their career as the apostles choose to do. John shows us that evangelizing, bringing people to faith, is a team effort between the redeemed and the Holy Spirit (John 16:8). Whatever your career, commercial fisher, or lineman, you have an opportunity to witness to all you meet about the Light of this world the Lord Christ Jesus.

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