Men's Stainless Steel Stack Plate Dumbbell on Linked Chain Necklace-Phil 4:13

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Shields of Strength makes it easy to find jewelry for men who value the benefits of physical and spiritual strength. This stainless steel stacked plate dumbbell pendant on a linked chain necklace combines the design of traditional sports jewelry with the motivational words of the apostle Paul. The 1.49-inch by 0.64-inch pendant carries the words of Philippians 4:13 on one end and the scripture abbreviation on the other, reminding the wearer that Christ provides the necessary strength to accomplish anything in the gym and in life. Available with a 24- or 30-inch long stainless steel linked chain, this lightweight necklace weighs 0.12 pounds. Keep the stainless steel linked chain and pendant looking brilliant for years by buffing it with a polishing cloth designed for fine jewelry. "PAT"NO.D746,168

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