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Trust God's Word

Trust God's Word

Posted by Gabe Vaughan on 16th Feb 2018

Always trust God's Word - Nothing used to make me want to punch someone in the face more than Rudeness! And so Kenny doesn't catch heat for this one, this is Gabe. We were raised to always be respectful and our father would always say “I hate rude behavior in a man. I won’t tolerate it.” So for me it was natural to be very defensive when I encountered rude people.

There is a reason why God commands us to love our enemy and if someone slaps you in the cheek offer the other one. I remember one specific time that an extremely rude lady working at a gas station really changed everything for me.

This lady was so rude to the people she was checking out that I almost put everything down and walked out the door. I knew that the right thing to do was to be kind but how could I be kind to someone so rude. I had on a weight plate necklace with Phil 4:13 but it was clear that she was not into fitness and why should I give her a gift anyway. As I was checking out in the other lane It took everything in me to ask the lady in my lane if she would give the rude lady the Shield of Strength.

She said she would. I went out to my truck and removed the gas nozzle. When I turned around the rude lady was standing there with tears rolling down her face. She asked if I was the one who gave her the necklace. I said yes, and she reached out to give me a hug.

She told me that she had been struggling with bills, kids, and a list of other things. She told me that the weight plate was perfect because she used to be a trainer and was trying to get back into the gym. This extremely rude lady went from being my enemy to a lady that still to this day I think of and pray for often.

I didn't want to do it. But God put a burden on my heart to do so and the results were amazing and life changing for me.

Always trust God's Word!