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Small SS "Friends" Split Weight Plate Necklace-Genesis 31:49

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Display a message of love for friends and family with a small stainless steel 'friends' weight plate necklace. This set of Christian jewelry includes two stainless steel necklaces. Each necklace includes a split weight plate pendant and a durable women's 20-inch stainless steel curb chain. Put the two pieces together to reveal a complete weight plate that measures 1.05 inches by 1.05 inches. The front of each split weight plate pendant is stamped with the Shields of Strength logo and "Genesis 31:49." On the back of each pendant, Genesis 31:49 is proudly displayed, reading, "May the Lord watch between you and me while we are apart." Gift a loved one with half of this necklace to reassure her that the Lord is always present, regardless of where she may go. ®4,611,243, ©VA 1-938-108 "PAT"NO.D751,943

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