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Stainless Steel Small Split Weight Plate Necklace-Genesis 31:49

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A powerful necklace to be worn as either a declaration of faith or expression of bond between man and wife, this stainless steel weight plate necklace from Shields of Strength splits in two so that you can proclaim your love for your spouse and for God. Made of stainless steel, the men's half of this pendant necklace features a 24 inch curb chain, while the women's half has a 20 inch chain. An exquisite piece of Christian jewelry, this necklace is easily maintained with a simple polishing cloth, and measures 1.05 inches by 1.05 inches in diameter when together. An excellent idea for an anniversary, Christmas, or Valentine's Day, this stainless steel necklace can also be used as a gym accessory and is inscribed with the loving words found in Genesis 31:49, "May the Lord watch between you and me while we are apart." ®4,611,243 ©VA 1-938-108 -®2013 ©2013 "PAT"NO.D751,943